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October 14, 2011

SPAR Europe Partners with Complementary Events

FIATECH Meeting and Createasphere’s Digital Asset Management Europe to


8 September 2011, Portland, Maine, USA – SPAR Europe 2011 will be taking place in conjunction with two other industry events this year. FIATECH will host a day-long meeting on 7 November at the World Forum in The Hague, The Netherlands, followed by the co-location of SPAR 3D’s SPAR Europe Conference on 3D Imaging & Data Management for Engineering/Construction/Manufacturing/Security and Createasphere’s Digital Asset Management Conference – Europe 8-9 November at the same venue. 

Tom Greaves, Managing Director of SPAR 3D, said holding the events together benefits professionals across numerous industries. “Although the events are unique, they have synergies that will appeal to a wide range of professionals,” said Greaves. “With FIATECH and SPAR Europe, there is strong overlap in how 3D technologies are being used to support capital projects.” Digital Asset Management – Europe is likewise a strong fit, according to Greaves, who said that processing vast volumes of data is the top challenge facing the 3D market. “The Createasphere event is at the forefront of best practices for creating, handling, storing and securing digital assets,” said Greaves. “Traditional ‘SPAR’ professionals will be able to learn from their entertainment and media counterparts. We also expect some business opportunities to bubble up when these high-tech professionals start exchanging ideas and information.”

FIATECH is an industry-led group that provides global leadership in identifying and accelerating the development, demonstration, and deployment of technologies, and advancement of innovative practices to deliver the highest business value throughout the capital projects life cycle. At this one-day event, FIATECH will share information on its Capital Projects Technology Roadmap, its global mission, and its current projects and activities to a wider audience in Europe. The meeting will provide a valuable networking platform where locally-based FIATECH members and other attendees can meet and discuss projects, ideas, and other initiatives. Topics for general sessions will include the development and deployment of new technologies, FIATECH’s work in advancing the ISO15926 Standard, and the need for a technology-enabled workforce.

“FIATECH are delighted to be partnering with SPAR 3D at SPAR Europe 2011,” said Ray Topping, FIATECH Director, who added that both organizations share many collective opportunities and challenges as part of their overall mission of advancing new technologies for adoption by industry. “This event gives FIATECH the chance to demonstrate some of these synergies as well as promoting its overall mission in making a step change improvement in the design, engineering, construction and maintenance of large capital assets.”  For more information about FIATECH, visit

Following on the success of Createasphere’s Digital Asset Management Conferences in both Los Angeles and New York, the new Digital Asset Management Conference – Europe continues to shape standards and explore urgent global issues of digital asset management in advertising, entertainment, media, publishing, museums, and higher education. Sessions include: Taxonomy Seminar • DAM 101 Seminar • Managing Metadata in a Multi-Language Environment • Building the Business Case for DAM • User Acceptance Across a Department and an Organization • Key Considerations for Choosing a DAM Solution • Managing Rich Media Content • Using a DAM to Leverage Your Global Brand • Does Collaboration Get In The Way of Workflow? • Exploring Innovative and Emerging Concepts and Technology While Utilizing the Full Potential of DAM • Connecting Your Systems Together: Is It Really Necessary? • Is A Short Term Storage Solution Wise For Long Term Assets? • Why Content MUST Have Standards • Asset Management and the Next Generation • DAM Case Studies
Together, SPAR and Createasphere are offering business professionals a unique opportunity to see end-to-end technologies, from capture to archiving, and to discuss highly relevant issues like storage, security, integration, and mobile distribution in technology-dense industries. “With the success of the DAM conferences in the US, we are thrilled to bring this education and industry gathering to Europe,” said Kristin Petrovich Kennedy, President, Createasphere. “The two days are filled with expert speakers and case studies from around the globe.” Additional conference details are available at

Attendees will be able to cross freely between the SPAR Europe Conference and Digital Asset Management Conference – Europe on 8-9 November; there is a separate registration fee of €100 to attend the pre-conference FIATECH meeting on 7 November. The three-day triad of meetings and conferences will be a must attend event for individuals across a wide range of industries. For more information, contact Tom Greaves, SPAR 3D Managing Director, at [email protected] or +1‐207‐842‐5671.

About SPAR 3D and Diversified Business Communications SPAR 3D ( investigates and reports on 3D scanning, imaging and position capture technologies used to improve the productivity, quality, safety and risk profile of engineering, fabrication, construction and manufacturing operations. Wholly‐owned by Diversified Business Communications, the company’s annual SPAR conferences in the United States, Europe and Japan attract project managers, engineering and technical leads, industrial metrologists and surveyors, security and law enforcement professionals and experts in historic preservation and documentation. The events showcase new data capture and processing technologies used for 3D surveying and dimensional control for work on offshore platforms, nuclear power plant modifications, refinery revamps, discrete and process manufacturing, transportation, building and civil infrastructure projects, historic preservation as well as forensic investigations and security planning.

Diversified Business Communications based in Portland, Maine, USA, provides information and market access through face‐to‐face events, magazine publishing, and online resources on four continents. Diversified serves a number of industries including: food, technology, commercial marine, oil & gas, and business management. Diversified operates divisions in Australia, Hong Kong, India, the UK and Canada. For more information, visit: 


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