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October 12, 2011

SPAR Europe 2011 Preview

SPAR EU 2011 Program Starburst

The SPAR Europe 2011 Program Guide is at the printer!

Take a peek here. 

Innovators from more than 150 organizations have registered for SPAR Europe 7-9 November 2011 at the World Forum in The Hague. Check out the list of organizations. 

They know that survival and winning business in today’s tough economy demands fresh thinking, strong relationships with industry leaders, solid technical skills and a relentless appetite to qualify and solve business problems – the same old just won’t work. That’s why they’ve committed to attend SPAR Europe. 

Visit the SPAR Europe website for complete conference information, including the schedule with speaker bios and abstracts, presenter list, sponsors/exhibitors, live demonstrations and more.  

Click here to register.   

At SPAR 3D, we hear from customers who say they get some of their best ideas and workarounds in 3D imaging and data management from folks outside their immediate industry. That’s why we strongly encourage SPAR Europe participants to attend a variety of sessions. You never know what you might discover that could save you big bucks, loads of time or major headaches. To this end, we’ve assembled here a sampling of speakers and sessions from the various tracks at SPAR Europe. These guys are having some pretty great successes with the technology. Click through on the presenter name for a bio and the presentation abstract.


Safe and clean energy production is a priority across the globe. And new thinking about providing green and renewable energy fits perfectly with new thinking about the technology needed to achieve it, while minimizing risk. Learn how the latest 3D imaging technologies are being used to build new facilities and for revamps, from robotics for data capture and 3D data delivery for clients, to updates and progress on applications of technology and standards throughout the design and construction process. A few presenters:


In the UK, the government has announced plans to invest £22 billion in construction projects over the next three years, offering an unprecedented opportunity for applications of 3D imaging to flourish. Managing the balance of urban planning, transportation and infrastructure needs, and cultural preservation will require a full spectrum of integrated technologies –terrestrial and mobile surveying, photogrammetry, LIDAR – and of course Building Information Modeling as planners seek both external and internal views. A few presenters:

  • Mario Matthys from the City of Ghent on 3D modelling the city using airborne, mobile and static scanning.
  • Christian Øster Pedersen of Ramboll, on technologies and processes used on major building projects in Copenhagen – The National Bank surface model, and heritage building tunnel project Copenhagen.
  • Johannes Rechenbach of laser-scanning-architecture, on using the new pointcloud engine in Revit Architecture 2012 for reconstruction projects in architecture.


Mobile surveying offers speedy and cost-effective data collection, and is ideal not only for road and railway projects, but also pre-construction risk management, construction progress monitoring, bulk material monitoring and corridor mapping, security planning and even consumer applications.
And integration with other collection technologies such as airborne and tripod-captured is increasingly commonplace. As the technology has gained acceptance it’s also revealed the need for careful decisions: Which technologies are right for capturing specific information needs? What are the clients’ true accuracy requirements? How much data must be processed? What form of data delivery is optimal for the client? How best to track updates? As these questions arise during the sessions, attendees are encouraged to actively participate. A few presenters:


Presentations will highlight new 3D technologies including augmented reality and real time environment capture for immersive collaboration, next generation photogrammetry, underwater measurement capture, integrating technologies to create virtual reality environments for training purposes, and live portable/indoor mobile mapping demos. Learn about new business opportunities created by new 3D technologies—insurance industry risk assessment and claims processing, climate change monitoring, high-speed and high-accuracy building documentation, site location and analysis for green energy projects to name just a few. A few presenters:


Presenters from police forces across Europe will describe how security planning and forensic teams are using 3D imaging techniques to prepare for high-profile public events, and to survey, document and visualize crime scenes and roadway accidents. These interactive sessions will address best practices for accuracy and quality, new technologies, and collaboration techniques. A few presenters:


Learn about the sites of global and historic significance that are being captured in 3D. And these sessions will not disappoint, particularly as newer technologies are being applied to enable greater coverage and accuracy. New imaging technologies enable new collaboration opportunities between private-sector businesses, academia and governmental agencies—urban planning integration, marketing exposure, training opportunities, and other advantages. A few presenters:

Click here for the complete program including links to presentation abstracts.  


SPAR Europe Preview
by SPAR 3D staff | October 12, 2011  


Murder on the exhibit floor. Scanning the Gemeentemuseum. Long-range scanning. Underwater measurement. These are just a few of the live demonstrations in store for attendees to this year’s SPAR Europe taking place 8 & 9 November at the World Forum in The Hague.   

“SPAR Europe isn’t going to be a ‘traditional’ conference in the sense that it will be very hands-on and interactive,” said Tom Greaves, Managing Director of SPAR Europe. “The best way for people to learn about new 3D technologies and applications is by seeing them in action.” He added that some of the world’s foremost 3D experts will be leading the demonstrations. The data captured will be shared in ensuing conference sessions.  

Live demonstrations include:  

  • Murder scene investigation 
  • Portable scanning demonstration 
  • Accident scene analysis (see Sam Pfeifle’s recent blog on this topic for some background) 
  • Pipe Scanning 
  • Visit to CSI The Hague (taking place Monday 7 November) 
  • Scanning the Gemeentemuseum  
  • Underwater Demo 
  • Long-range Scanning 

Get the full run-down here. 

In addition, MDL, Riegl, Topcon and StreetMapper will be showcasing their mobile mapping solutions during SPAR Europe. Each will have a vehicle at the ready to tour The Hague, capturing data at posted speeds with survey-grade accuracy.  

 For more information about SPAR Europe, visit these pages: 

Conference Program  

List of Presenters  

Track Descriptions  

Pre-Conference Tutorial (taking place Monday 7 November) 

User Meetings  

Technical Seminars  


Digital Asset Management Conference   

FIATECH Meeting  (taking place Monday 7 November) 


Visit the SPAR Europe conference site for complete information. Register by 28 October and save 100 euros.


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