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November 18, 2009

SPAR 2010: 3D Imaging and Positioning for Engineering/Construction/Manufacturing/Security

Innovate, connect and learn at SPAR 2010, our 7th annual conference on 3D laser scanning, mobile, surveying & mapping, LIDAR, dimensional control, asset management, scan-to-BIM, CAD/GIS integration, security planning & forensics and digital heritage p

February 8-10, 2010, The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center, The Woodlands (Houston), Texas, USA

Survival and winning business in today’s tough economy means you never stop qualifying opportunities and solving customer problems. We’ve tuned the SPAR 2010 program to help you understand what is driving success in 3D imaging and positioning markets: mastering new technology and getting more out of your existing hardware, software and labor investments, building strong relationships with innovative industry leaders, and developing solid technical skills. Today’s 3D market is fast, white water. Rapidly becoming a business tool to manage project risk and drive operations efficiently and safely, success in 3D capture and modeling markets mean you need to invest in the right hardware, software and services at the right level. Overinvest, and you can lose your stake. Underinvest, and you miss out. 

Laser scanning and associated 3D positioning and modeling technologies are proving to be effective risk management tools for civil infrastructure, mobile survey & mapping, industrial plant, BIM, geotechnical & mining, digital heritage preservation, and security planning & forensic markets. At SPAR 2010, learn how these tools:

  • Mitigate and limit risk by rigorously and completely documenting the as-found environment
  • Drive real costs out of project execution–meaning fewer RFIs and change orders
  • Produce accurate, ready-to-use deliverables that non-technical users can understand
  • Wring scheduling, safety and operational efficiency out of existing assets
  • Enable follow-on green and clean initiatives–projects now getting funded

Despite a hiring freeze, there are indications that we’re pulling out of this economic malaise. And now is the time to get ready for the opportunities forthcoming. Some 2D work is already gone and probably won’t come back. Private sector or public sector, business owner or employee: it’s time for fresh, entrepreneurial thinking and innovative approaches to using resources.

Software developers have made great strides this past year despite challenging conditions. Promises for efficient, innovative products have come to fruition, especially in the area of software. Bottlenecked processes, stifled revenue streams and crippled communications can now be overcome thanks to automated feature extraction, portal sharing, CAD integration and new hardware solutions that will be demonstrated at SPAR 2010.

Here’s what else is in store for SPAR 2010:

New Business Opportunities and Growth Markets:

Scan-to-BIM workflows, integrating scan data with piping, structural and other design apps, mobile scanning, improving business with Web portals, and green design, renewable energy and sustainability projects are all key areas of improvement and growth today. Hear from the world’s best leaders and users who have mastered these processes. We’ve scoured the world seeking the best of the best.

SPAR 2010 featured presenters include:

Allan Carswell, Chairman & President, Optech, Inc., “The Future of LIDAR: From Sea to Space and Beyond”
Paul Feist, Commander, Albuquerque Police Department, “Capturing Metrological Data”
Mike Harrison, President, Diamond West Engineering and Michael Frecks, PLS, President & CEO, Terrametrix LLC, “3D Terrestrial Mobile LIDAR: Surveyors Who Know Accuracy”
Bart Hoogeboom, Forensic Analyst, Netherlands Forensic Institute, “3D Computer Models and Scenario Testing in Forensic Investigations”
Danny Hughes, Florida Power & Light and Paul Nicholas, Product Manager, AREVA, “Total Station and Scanning Technology: Pros and Cons”
Raymond Mandli, President, Mandli Communications, Inc. and Goro Sulijoadikusumo, Planning Survey Engineer/GIS Administrator, Hawaii DOT, “The Collection and Use of Network-Level Terrestrial LIDAR for State DOTs”
Dana (Deke) K. Smith, Executive Director, buildingSMART Alliance, “Delivering Open BIM Standards for the Built Environment”
Josh Oakley, BIM Manager, The Beck Group, “Building a Complete and Accurate BIM Database”
Douglas Pritchard, Head of Visualization, Digital Design Studio/Glasgow School of Art, “Documenting Scotland’s Built Heritage: Recent Collaborative Projects Between Historic Scotland and the Glasgow School of Art”
Dr. Roger Stettner, President & CEO, Advanced Scientific Concepts, Inc., “ASC’s 3D Flash LIDAR Cameras: A Revolutionary 3D Camera Technology”
Michael Olsen, Assistant Professor of Geomatics, School of Civil and Construction Engineering, Oregon State University, “Efficiency Evaluation of Seacliff Erosion Studies Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning”
Steven DiBenedetto, Technical Team Leader, Underground Imaging Technologies, Inc., “Bringing 3D Underground: Advances in Subsurface Three-Dimensional Imaging”
Elin Katrine Morgan, Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, “Laser Scanning in Active Tunnels: A ‘Real World’ Example in the Løren Tunnel in Oslo, Norway”
Dr. Liang Tang, President & CEO, Tecdawn HT Co., Ltd., “LiDAR Mapping and 3D Modelling for the Public Security at the 11th China Games”
James Loumiet, President, James R. Loumiet & Associates, Inc., “Laser Scanning and Virtual Reality for Data Collection and Analysis in Transportation Accident Reconstruction”

Boot Camps: Industrial Plant, Civil/Building Infrastructure, Mobile Scanning & Mapping

The success of last year’s inaugural 3D Laser Scanning Boot Camp will be repeated in 2010. Designed for the novice user and managers in the civil infrastructure and industrial plant markets and, new this year, mobile scanning & mapping market, attendees will learn what scanning can do, its benefits, reasons to deploy it, how to plan and determine costs, basic operation principles and safety issues, resources needed and industry jargon. Breakout sessions for civil infrastructure and industrial plant, as well as a completely separate session for mobile scanning, will drill deeper into issues specific to surveyors and engineers in these market sectors. Managers seeking to learn more about the technology will get a lot out of these boot camps.

Those doing, or interested in, mobile scanning/mapping work will also want to participate in our special mobile demos provided by earthmine, Optech, StreetMapper/Terrametrix/Geodigital, TITAN, Topcon and Trimble. See for yourself how the world’s most experienced users are collecting data at posted speeds with survey-grade accuracy, and with scheduling efficiencies and improved safety. This is your chance to learn about new business opportunities like pre-construction risk management, construction progress monitoring, transportation infrastructure asset management, bulk material monitoring and corridor mapping. Learn how traditional survey business models are being challenged with on-road, off-road and on-the-water scanning using these hot, up-and-coming data capture rigs.

Professional Development and Training Program

Professional engineers and surveyors will be able to log professional education credits from SPAR sessions for renewing licenses in many states. For SPAR 2009, we issued certificates for up 19.75 credit hours, totalling over 1,012 credit hours. Leading industry associations including ACSM, ASCE, ASTM, CMSC, CyArk, GITA, IAFSM, MAPPS and SPED have sponsored SPAR to help you extend your professional reach.

Qualify and Partner with the World’s Best Service Providers

If you’re seeking an outsourcing partner for 3D imaging services, we have the forum to qualify them according to your needs. Our “Pecha Kucha”-style session–a series of six-minute presentations–provides E&Cs and others with brief, fundamental information on company locations, sizes, geographic reach and industry specializations.

2 1/2-day Technology Exhibition

At no other event in the world will you find the world’s best suppliers of 3D laser scanning, positioning and imaging hardware, software and services than at SPAR 2010. Learn directly from the source and qualify these market leaders all under one roof. We host the best of the best and the newest of the new.

Expand and Improve Your Network

From our boot camps to our industry reception Monday night to our sessions, workshops and exhibit hall, one of the special features of SPAR conferences is the chance to meet and learn from like-minded individuals in various industries. Connect and learn from our highly diversified roster of attendees who come from the world’s largest energy, manufacturing, engineering, security and construction firms. Top-crop attendees also include those from law enforcement agencies and historic preservation organizations, technology start-ups, academic researchers and interested trade press. More than 635 people from 27 countries attended this year’s conference.

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