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July 17, 2023

SoilMate: Remote Earth analytics, plain and simple!

Contributed by SoilMate

The web service has been launched in open test mode today. SoilMate provides an opportunity to get geo-analytics as a service using various satellite imagery and ready-made geo-analytical models based on artificial intelligence. The service is aimed at aspiring specialists in sustainable supply chains and experienced professionals, researchers, and companies in the agriculture and forestry industry.

SoilMate advantages:
● A simple business model where users pay per request
● A continuously increasing range of analytics (10 on start)
● Very simple customer journey (area definition, analytics type, and parameters definition)
● Unlimited scalability
● Various data sources usage
● AI and computer vision as an engine
● API for easy integration.

"Satellite images are becoming increasingly vital for many organizations worldwide. However, deciphering insights from this data is still a challenging task," said SoilMate CEO Ruben Melkonian. "Simply draw an area on the map, choose a specific analysis, and let SoilMate handle the rest. It's that easy!"

Discover the benefits of using SoilMate today! We propose a free 1-month trial so you can familiarize yourself with the service. For more information on SoilMate services and pricing, visit our website or contact us directly.

About SoilMate:
SoilMate is a European provider of geo-analysis solutions. With its user-friendly interface and ready-made artificial intelligence tools, SoilMate empowers users to effortlessly extract valuable insights from geospatial data. SoilMate serves various industries, from agriculture and forestry to general applications, and is accessible to users worldwide.

Media Contact:
Soil Mate,
[email protected]

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