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April 29, 2024

Smarty Launches US GeoReference Data, providing the easiest, most accurate API needed to access Census Tract and Block

Helping organizations ensure compliance, identify new business opportunities and make crucial decisions

Smarty, the address data intelligence leader, announces today the launch of US GeoReference Data, a set of updates to Smarty's US Address Enrichment solutions. US GeoReference Data is a cloud-native solution that will allow organizations to append the geographic data found in U.S. Census Block and Tract information into accurately geocoded addresses.

Smarty's US GeoReference Data is the simplest and fastest way for organizations to access Census Blocks, Tracts, location names and statuses, as well as additional Census ID information relevant to a property. Companies can use Smarty’s US GeoReference Data to aggregate the demographic info on the specified geographic location they're working in to make crucial business decisions, enable compliance with governmental regulations, determine eligibility for loans, enhance tax calculations, uncover new sales territories and identify incorporated vs unincorporated areas.

Using Smarty’s US GeoReference Data, users will gain access to informative data points like:

  • Census 2020 Block ID (15-character numeric ID or a nested subset depending upon geocoding accuracy)
  • Census Place names and Census Place IDs for incorporated and unincorporated communities
  • Census Civil Division (CCD) names and CCD IDs
  • Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA) Names and IDs

“Our US GeoReference Data will be a great asset for our clients. This is especially true for those businesses in the financial and healthcare industries," said Berkley Charlton, Chief Product Officer at Smarty. "This dataset utilizes the accuracy of Smarty's US Rooftop Geocoding which can pinpoint census Blocks and Tracts with precision, making compliance with governmental regulations easy."

Each US GeoReference Data plan uses Smarty's US Rooftop Geocoding. This means 100% of the addresses entered by users will be verified and standardized for superior data quality. Moreover, Smarty’s US GeoReference Data utilizes SmartyKey™, a persistent unique identifier. SmartKey makes relating data and blending address intelligence a breeze and eliminates duplicate and alias addresses to maximize accuracy.

"An ongoing challenge for many of our clients is connecting Census data to addresses in a timely manner," said Jonathan Oliver, Founder and CEO of Smarty. "With US GeoReference Data, not only will organizations be able to connect crucial Census demographic data to a verified address, but they'll also be able to process billions of addresses at incredible speeds."

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Source: Smarty

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