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July 11, 2014

Seeing Stockholm's Future in 3D


3D models are an excellent way for governments to communicate with their citizens about urban projects. One of the latest examples is Stockholm City, which has set up a large touch screen in their Culture House to let citizens explore a photo-realistic 3D model and examine the various urban projects planned in their country’s capital.

The model of Stockholm (pictured above) was created by Goteborg-based Blom Sweden AB using two popular software solutions. For visualization, the firm used Agency9’s Cityplanner. For the 3D reconstruction of the city, the firm used Acute3D’s Smart3DCapture, which automatically analyzed aerial photographs to create a very high-resolution 3D model of the city. According to Acute3D, the process happens without any human intervention.

After using Smart3Dcapture to generate a 3D model with accuracy in the centimeter range and including more than 5 billion triangles, Blom combined it with data already collected by Stockholm Municipality to create an interactive and informative display for the city’s residents.

According to a statement from Acute3D, the resulting 3D city model “is not a mere 3D view of Stockholm, but also an incontestable key tool in the decision-making process,” as well as an easy and universally understood means of communicating with citizens.

For more on Smart3DCapture and Acute3D’s other software solutions, visit

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