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September 30, 2008

Scanners get catwalk skinny for Intergeo: Optech releases new ALTM, Upgrades ILRIS-3D control software

Scanners get catwalk - Image 1

Optech unveiled its new airborne system, the ALTM Orion at Intergeo this week at Intergeo in Bremen, Germany. Brent Gelhar, Vice President of Sales and Product Strategy says the new system is both small (13.3″ x 13.3″ x 10″) and light (approximately 50 pounds or 25 kg).By comparison, the older ALTM 3100EA and ALTM Gemini control rack and head weigh in at approximately 150+ pounds or 76.6 kg. Gelhar says the new Orion system can be installed in minutes versus hours and is a one person lift, not two. Skinnier scanning is a trend — Riegl’s new scanner announced earlier this month is also waif-like compared to older models. Separately, Optech also announced new control software for its ILRIS-3D scanner which allows geo-referencing and automated target recognition. Surveyors will find the new software a better fit fot traditional workflows.

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