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January 16, 2013

SAIC uses lidar for modeling transmission facilities

TACOMA, Wash. – Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) has been working directly with utility staff from Tacoma Power here to model transmission line segments using lidar, coupled with line current and meteorological data to determine appropriate line sags. According to a press release, SAIC engineers evaluated conductor clearance data with actual field conditions and made model data available for use in evaluating facility ratings or developing construction requirements. SAIC provided transmission line staff models of approximately 30 110-kV and 230-kV circuits, the company said. Further, to meet the applicable governing safety codes, SAIC conducted value engineering assessments for Tacoma Power and developed construction drawings for crews to upgrade lines.

In addition to the services provided to Tacoma Power, SAIC offers a broad compliance management program the company said, designed to help utilities meet applicable NERC reliability standards and requirements, specifically those related to FAC-008 dealing with Facility Ratings.

“Many utilities may not have the resources to stay NERC compliant, and SAIC may be able to help,” said Keith Kerzel, vice president for SAIC, in a statement. “Utilities are encouraged to contact us if they need help navigating the guidelines and upcoming timelines.

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