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October 12, 2016

RIEGL's New Wide-Area Airborne LiDAR is a Big Step Up


This year at Intergeo RIEGL announced the release of their latest airborne solution, the VQ-1560i Dual LiDAR Channel Airborne Laser Scanning System. The company is calling the next step from their LMS-Q1560 dual-channel airborne mapping system.

Like RIEGL’s previous offering, the VQ-1560i is a two-channel system. But the VQ-1560i differs in important ways.

The LMS-Q1560 operates at a maximum laser pulse repetition rate of 800 kHz and provides 532,000 measurements per second. The new system more than doubles those numbers, offering a repetition rate of 2 mHz, and 1.33 million measurements per second.

The newer VQ-1560i also boasts an improvement in RIEGL’s Multiple-Time-Around technology (MTA), which enables the systems to handle multiple pulses in the air simultaneously without ranging ambiguities. RIEGL’s older system handles 10 pulses in the air simultaneously, and the new VQ-1560i can handle a total of 20.

VQ-1560i is rated to capture point densities from 2 points per square meter up to 60 points per square meter when at an altitude of 15,500 feet. RIEGL says this capacity for collection at multiple densities means its system is well suited for aerial survey of ultra-wide areas and complex urban environments.

The VQ-1560i system comes with a fully integrated Applanix IMU, a GNSS receiver. Optional add-ons include a Phase One medium format camera, and an infrared camera.

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