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March 15, 2011

Riegl to showcase new calibrated camera system at SPAR


HOUSTON – Here at the SPAR International conference, Riegl will unveil its new high-performance fully calibrated VMX-250-CS6 Camera System that compliments the Riegl VMX-250 Mobile Laser Scanning System by supporting six digital color cameras. In a press release, Riegl emphasizes that this new system is compact and user-friendly. It is mounted on a lightweight aluminum frame designed for versatility and stability.    

Riegl’s RiAcquire Software manages acquisition of precisely time stamped images by the VMX-250-CS6 in addition to the acquisition of the VMX-250 laser scanner data. Accordingly, the software controls the camera’s parameters and enables image monitoring during acquisition in real time. Riegl’s RiProcess software then delivers colorized point clouds.

Riegl USA will be holding an on-site demo of this new exciting System at SPAR 2011, March 21-24. 

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