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October 9, 2017

Revit Holoview available now for viewing Revit models in HoloLens


After a successful beta testing phase, RedCrater has released its HoloLens app. Revit Holoview is all about providing the AEC industry with the possibility to view Autodesk Revit BIM models through Microsoft HoloLens.

Position Accuracy

When overlaying a BIM model over a building–for reference, QA, or comparison–accuracy becomes a critical subject. Microsoft HoloLens isn’t great when it comes to spatial mapping, but RedCrater solves this issue by implementing a 2 position marker system to align the BIM model to the real environments. A HoloLens anchoring system also helps to improve model stability. In case the model moves out of place, HoloView provides a function to shunt the model back into alignment.

Fully Detailed BIM Models

The last time we talked with RedCrater software architect Peter Neil, we discussed how they solved the issues the company ran into when trying to load large Revit files onto the HoloLens. The company has developed their app to allow users to move room to room in full scale, with full quality, without loading new sections of the model–even with large models. This results in a clear visual understanding of how a model is to be implemented in a real building.

Additionally, RedCrater developed a pre-processing algorithm that allows Revit HoloView to load a 120MB file into the HoloLens in around 12 seconds.

HoloView’s Interface

Loading up a model through Revit HoloView is simple: submit the model to RedCrater’s web service, which converts it to a HoloLen’s viewable format, and then download it through the app in HoloLens. All the models load up as transparent by default, which means you can see through the walls of your model.

The system also features a “tag along” user interface so you can still access features of the user interface while moving around rooms; a “Walk mode” to hide the model so you can walk inside a building with an obstructed view.

The Revit HoloView is already available for sale, or through a 14-day trial.

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