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January 9, 2019

RED teases 3D video camera for its smartphone


For RED, a company known primarily for its very high-quality cinema video cameras, the Hydrogen One smartphone was an unexpected move. The device features a 3D holographic screen that actually works, though it seems priced far outside what most consumers want to pay for a non-flagship phone. So what gives? It looks like the phone is part of a larger system.

According to a RED Facebook post spotted by DPReview, the phone is a display and controller for a 3D camera called Lithium. The idea is that users can look at the phone to view their 3D video data, in 3D, as they capture it, and without the need for special glasses.

As for Lithium’s specs, details are thin. We know that it features two digital cinema cameras in a stereo configuration and will feature zoom lenses. Reports say that it could greatly simplify the process of capturing 3D video.

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