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November 18, 2009

Quantapoint Releases PRISM 3D/QuantaCAD 10.0

Quantapoint Releases PRISM 3D QuantaCAD 10 - Image 1

Last week, Quantapoint released PRISM 3D/QuantaCAD 10.0. PRISM 3D enables a Digitized Facility of 3D laser scan data to be accessed directly as photorealistic Laser Images of individual 3D laser scans and high-definition Laser Models of integrated laser data. QuantaCAD enables the same Digitized Facility to be accessed directly within design and review software such as Autodesk AutoCAD, AVEVA PDMS, AVEVA Review, Bentley AutoPlant, Bentley Microstation V8 XM, Intergraph PDS, Intergraph SmartPlant Review, Intergraph SmartPlant 3D/SmartMarine 3D and more.

PRISM 3D/QuantaCAD 10.0 capabilities include:

  • Multi-user Database: Share measurements across the team via a multi-user database to ensure consistent information and easier interactions.
  • Measurement Manager: Store and display multiple measurements on screen and measure between them to intuitively emphasize desired information.
  • Laser Image Highlighting: Demolitions or clashes may be highlighted in Laser Images to provide a photo-realistic view of areas requiring modification.
  • One-Click Pipe Estimator: Estimate pipe information with a single-click in Laser Images or Laser Models for faster designs.
  • Extruded Pipe Estimator: Estimate pipe information by selecting the extents to be used in Laser Images or Laser Models for more precise designs.
  • State Manager: Store and recall laser data (Laser Models, Laser Images and views) to focus on areas or interest and more quickly resume work.
  • Embedded Laser Images: Use Laser Images directly for reviews to provide a photo-realistic view of the 3D design that is more easily understood across the team.
  • Export “Optimized Point Cloud”: Export Laser Model areas as “Optimized Point Clouds” (more dense and clear than fuzzy “point clouds”) in formats compatible with NavisWorks.
  • SmartPlant 3D/SmartMarine 3D Integration: Access Laser Models and Laser Images in SmartPlant and SmartMarine 3D, providing clear information for design.

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