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August 16, 2005

Quantapoint Readies Offshore-Optimized Scanner

Quantapoint, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, is readying a new laser scanner optimized for use on offshore platforms. The SceneModeler Mark VI laser scanner will have features specifically adapted for marine environments – for example a ventilation system designed to keep out water under any condition short of the instrument falling into the ocean, minimal moving parts, and a solid, impact- and water-resistant outer shell, according to marketing VP James McGill. It’s also more portable. Measuring 18.5in high x 7.5in wide x 21.7in long, Mark VI is 50% smaller than its predecessor, and at 32lb is less than half the weight. Standard data collection rate is 500,000 points/sec, up from 125,000 points/sec before. Field of view is increased – Mark V FOV was 75deg vertical by 360deg horizontal, whereas the Mark VI is a hemispherical device capable of scanning in all directions except for a small view cone directly beneath the instrument. The new model carries a Class 1M laser rating which does not require laser safety goggles, according to the company, whereas the Mark V uses a Class 3B laser which requires goggles. McGill reports the Mark VI is undergoing testing now and will be put in service by Quantapoint personnel in the fourth quarter of this year. Quantapoint reports it has carried out laser scanning on more than 60 offshore platforms to date. 

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