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August 31, 2016

Quanergy Acquires Raytheon’s Human-Tracking Software for its LiDAR Security Solution

Screenshot from Quanergy's Q-Guard demonstration video

Just weeks after receiving a $90 million funding round, solid-state LiDAR manufacturer Quanergy has acquired the OTUS People Tracker software from Raytheon BBN Technologies.

The software will augment Quanergy’s existing software for processing LiDAR data, creating “an integrated hardware and software solution for advanced people detection and tracking applications within the security and autonomous driving markets.”

OTUS software uses sophisticated “human perception algorithms” to identify and tracks people for security—and presumably safe navigation. The system works at ranges over 100 meters when deployed with Quanergy sensors.

The system offers benefits over camera systems, which only work in certain weather and lighting conditions. It also reduces the amount of labor necessary for tracking.

OTUS will form the basis of Quanergy’s Q-Guard security solution, which uses LiDAR for 3D perimeter fencing and intrusion detection. According to Quanergy, the system can track people persistently, send commands to PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras, and enable the cameras to focus on subjects.

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