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May 3, 2021

Propelio selects Woolpert to provide Google Maps platform, APIs

Woolpert’s extensive geospatial and mapping experience ensures that a variety of Google tools are leveraged accurately and effectively to meet Propelio’s mapping and location intelligence needs.
Image courtesy of Greene County, Ohio

Real Estate Software Firm Propelio helps real estate agents analyze properties, identify investment opportunities, and locate motivated sellers. Propelio has used the Google Maps Platform for the last few years until a pricing model switch prompted the nationwide firm to pursue a Google service provider that could support its extensive location intelligence and infrastructure-related needs at a better price point. Propelio then contracted Woolpert, a global mapping company and a Google Premier Partner since, to provide Google Maps Platform services, Google Workspace, application programming interfaces (APIs) and technical support.

Propelio’s state-of-the-art software leverages data from Google Maps Platform to provide highly accurate base-map and street view imagery, which enables their users to have real, accurate views of properties to virtually evaluate the surroundings. The platform also provides accurate address data through Google Autocomplete API, enhancing user confidence, decreasing time spent entering information, and decreasing the frequency and margin of error for Propelio searches, which powers their back end. 

Using tools from the Google Routes API group, Propelio provides an immersive driving for dollars experience, says Woolpert Senior Account Executive Jeremy Quam: ”Google APIs for example enable drivers to snap the breadcrumb GPS points to the appropriate road segment, enabling Propelio to match that route with potential leads.” Additionally, Propelio uses APIs to ascertain a clean latitude and longitude of property prospects. Woolpert utilizes its extensive geospatial and mapping experience to ensure these Google tools are leveraged accurately and effectively, keeping the value derived by the client high and the cost low. Woolpert’s goal is to expertly handle all mapping and location intelligence needs, while freeing up their clients to do what they do best, adds Quam. 

Geospatial technology for the real estate industry

Woolpert is also a global mapping company that also is an architecture and engineering company, with dedicated surveyors that support municipalities across the country and are familiar with property lines, land ownership, parcel information and related data.

”Propelio benefits from the fact that Woolpert is a longtime Google service provider who understands the mechanics of the real estate industry and the latest geospatial technology”, says Quam.

He adds that the combined geospatial and mapping capabilities of Google and Woolpert provide an immediate and immense value to each of their clients.

“Woolpert collects, processes, and delivers high-resolution topographic and bathymetric lidar data and four-band orthoimagery for clients around the world for multiple applications, employing a combination of proven geospatial techniques and proprietary algorithms the firm has developed. We also have more than 160 staff members who provide a wide range of traditional and geospatial survey data to support all architecture, engineering and geospatial (AEG) needs. Most recently, Woolpert acquired Data Cloud Solutions, an internationally recognized systems integrator, cloud solutions provider and consulting services firm.” 

System integrators

Woolpert Vice President and Practice Leader Daniel Anderson, former CEO of Data Cloud Solutions, adds that Woolpert provides a mobile data collection platform, enabling them to integrate their services to enable easy access to real estate and mass appraisal data:

“We are system integrators, capable of synchronizing otherwise disconnected systems. With the addition of geospatial components and expertise, our massive amounts of valuable data can be analyzed quickly. To further support this effort, if site visits are required or desired, we have mobile applications to sync data to and from any database.” 

“Propelio plans to integrate additional GIS layers into its platform to further enrich capabilities for customers, and we are ready and able to help whenever needed”, says Quam. “As for Woolpert, our 50-plus years of geospatial data and mapping expertise provides the glue that connects Google Maps to their data layers, regardless of their backing store. Because our services offerings extend from the latest geospatial technologies to the fundamentals of engineering and mapping, our relationship with our Google clients has limitless potential.

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