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August 14, 2023

Pointivo launches new digital twin offering for asset inspection

Pointivo for Asset Inspection allows for virtual asset inspection, combining digital twin technology with artificial intelligence.

Pointivo is a software platform provider which utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to better understand physical assets in a number of industries, using reality capture data from drones and other mobile capture methods. Earlier this month, the Atlanta-based company announced the launch of their Pointivo for Asset Inspection platform, which utilizes its SmartNav digital twin technology. They describe their new offering as “an inspection platform that accelerates the discovery, observation, and resolution of problem areas using digital twins for all physical asset types.”

This new Pointivo for Asset Inspection offering is an application built on top of the company’s main digital twin platform, and works in conjunction with other industry-specific offerings from Pointivo. They call out a handful of industries which could most benefit from this asset inspection tool, including property management, oil and gas, utilities, and telecoms. 

In their release of the news, Pointivo highlights four main pillars on which their asset inspection tool provides its value. That starts with the aforementioned SmartNav technology, which provides the ability for virtual, 360-degree inspections. Additionally, the company’s AI algorithms allow users to automate tedious and common tasks within a workflow, such as identifying areas of interest, highlighting common problem areas, and automatically detecting changes over time. They also offer a new digital assistant using generative AI, called DigitalTwinGPT, which provides problem-resolution suggestions. And finally, the asset inspection simplifies the process of creating custom reports for projects.

It’s not difficult to see the value in a tool like this, particularly in this current moment when organizations in all of the industries mentioned above are dealing with workforce shortages while also trying to improve long-standing efficiency problems. Pointivo’s tool aims to address both issues. In terms of efficiency, being able to complete these inspections virtually, at least initially, saves a tremendous amount of time to find the problem areas on a digital platform. That effect only becomes accentuated with the addition of AI into the workflow.

Furthermore, this also allows for the same amount of work to be done, without sacrificing quality, despite having fewer workers. The AI takes care of some of the tasks that would traditionally be done by human workers, allowing the more complex tasks to be handled by the workers who are still on staff. Having the ability to complete these inspections virtually also allows for projects in different locations to be done by the same person, who can do it all from their individual desks. Particularly for infrastructure and utility assets, upkeep for which is becoming a focal point in many parts of the world due to aging infrastructure and greater demand for broadband access, covering as much ground as possible from one location is crucial.

“We are excited to bring our AI-driven inspection capabilities to a broader set of enterprise users,” stated Dan Ciprari, Pointivo CEO, in a press statement. “Pointivo for Asset Inspection empowers global corporations with an intuitive, comprehensive solution that greatly simplifies processes around their assets for the full lifecycle of those assets.”

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