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June 25, 2018

Paracosm PX-80 handheld lidar boasts SLAM fit for scanning in any environment

Handheld 3D capture is reaching maturity fast, as evidenced by the huge number of solutions hitting the market in recent years. Paracosm’s flagship solutions have grown alongside that maturing market—beginning with a structured-light-based capture method, they moved onto lidar capture in early 2017 to get better data for feeding their SLAM algorithm. In 2018, the SLAM algorithm is advanced enough that Paracosm is marketing it as a major selling point of the PX-80. And they should: the scanner is capable of accurately tracking your movements through complex indoor and outdoor environments.

At SPAR3D, Gannon Wilder, head of business development at Paracosm, laid out the details surrounding the new PX-80, and what you can expect from this long-in-the-works handheld lidar scanner.

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