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April 14, 2014

Panoscan with DotProduct 3D Technology Introduces the PointGun

A Leader in Forensic Imaging and an Innovator of 3D Capture Join Forces

Colorado Springs, CO – April, 2014 – Today, at the opening of the SPAR International 2014 Conference, Panoscan, Inc., a Los Angeles-based digital camera products development company, and DotProduct LLC, a Houston-based 3D capture solution software company, announced their collaborative development of a handheld 3D scanner product for forensic applications marketed under the Panoscan brand name, PointGun.

DotProduct LLC has developed Phi-3D software that enables handheld tablets to capture and process RGB depth camera data in real time for engineering, construction, manufacturing, building, media, entertainment, and law enforcement applications.

Panoscan, Inc. manufactures high-resolution panoramic cameras utilized by scores of law enforcement agencies worldwide to capture highly detailed crime scenes and create virtual tours of critical infrastructure for pre-incident emergency planning.

“Our fifteen years of experience at Panoscan developing panoramic cameras and DotProductʼs innovation of cutting edge 3D capture technology have come together to create the Panoscan PointGun handheld 3D scanner” said Panoscan President, Ted Chavalas, “and the PointGunʼs portability, ease of use, and customized lighting solution is ideal for 3D capture of crime scenes and evidence in the forensic field.”

DotProduct CEO, Brian Ahern, said “Our real time 3D capture technology is well engineered into Panoscanʼs PointGun architecture. We are excited by the result of our collaboration with Panoscan and the potential for our technology to help serve law enforcement agencies with new functionality.”

The Panoscan PointGun is now available on the Panoscan website at

About Panoscan
In 1999, Panoscan established a reputation for innovation and quality with its introduction
of the MK camera series, a breakthrough in ultra high-resolution panoramic capture, for law enforcement
and homeland security applications. The Panoscan MK camera series is used by more law enforcement
agencies throughout the world than any other product of its kind.

About DotProduct
Founded in 2012, DotProduct LLC is a solution company delivering affordable, easy to
use, real time, registered-on-the-fly 3D capture solutions on tablet architectures with off-the-shelf RGB-D

Casey Coss, Media Relations
Panoscan Inc.
(818) 990-1931
[email protected]

Tom Greaves, Media Relations
DotProduct LLC
(281) 758 8301
[email protected]  

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