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March 8, 2024

Outsight Joins GATE Alliance to Expand the Horizons of Lidar and Spatial Intelligence in Airport Technology

Image via Outsight

Outsight, the leading innovator in 3D LiDAR-Based Spatial AI Software Solutions, has announced that it is joining GATE - The Airport Technology Network, an alliance dedicated to fostering innovation and advancement in airport infrastructure.

Established in 1992, the GATE Alliance brings together 95 actors involved in various fields of airport operations management. From consulting and IT to material handling on terminals, its members include  industry giants such as Siemens Logistics and T-Systems International.

This membership marks a significant step for Outsight, as it will collaborate with other GATE members to analyze and improve airport operations through Spatial Intelligence. The partnership aims to integrate Outsight's cutting-edge Spatial AI technology within airport ecosystems, enhancing operational efficiency, elevate passenger experience, and increase safety.

Bringing a New Dimension to Airport Operations with LiDAR and Spatial AI

Outsight's unique Spatial AI technology, based on LiDAR, offers unparalleled insights into people flows and asset utilization within all airport environments, both in the terminal and the curb. This collaboration with GATE will enable the global deployment of Outsight's technology across airports around the world, contributing to smarter, safer, and more efficient airport operations.

A Synergy of Expertise and Innovation

Airports are constantly on the lookout for new solutions to improve performance and stay competitive. Outsight’s demonstrated expertise in designing custom LiDAR solutions to meet client needs across countries and operating environments provides airports with the appropriate expertise to appropriately discover the full potential of this new technology. Functional in all lighting conditions, even in complete darkness, LiDAR enables people and object flow tracking without relying on facial identification, providing a secure and privacy-focused alternative to video cameras.

Raul Bravo, Founder-President of Outsight had the following to say, “We are grateful for this opportunity to join the GATE Alliance, another step demonstrating the growing recognition of LiDAR’s importance in airport management. Collaborating with experts throughout this value chain will allow us to deploy this technology to new and more rewarding uses, all towards the purpose of streamlining, simplifying and securing the end consumer’s experience."

Source: Outsight

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