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July 5, 2018

Orbit GT releases free SDK/API

PR 2018-05-29 Orbit GT - Orbit GT exhibits and showcases newest 3D Mapping Portfolio at SPAR 3D, Anaheim, CA

Hot off announcing a bunch of upgrades to their 3D mapping software portfolio, Orbit GT is releasing a free SDK and API for its 3D Mapping Cloud SaaS.

These new programming tools will enable users to integrate 3D Mapping Cloud data and functionality into their workflows. The SDK supports all content on the 3D Mapping platform, no matter the collection method. Orbit GT promises an “equal user experience” in applications that use the SDK.

“What is GIS or Mapping if you can’t integrate it in your workflow? In Orbit GT’s vision, integration is key,” says Peter Bonne, CEO of Orbit GT in an official statement. “This SDK includes all capabilities of the 3D Mapping Cloud Viewer, is free to be used, and can be embedded in any web-based or desktop-based application and workflow.”

For more information, contact Orbit GT.

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