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January 20, 2021

Orbbec debuts industrial 3D camera, Time-of-Flight sensors

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At CES, 3D camera maker Orbbec launched four new products for use in 3D imaging. Included in the new products is Orbbec’s first 3D sensor that uses time-of-flight technology to capture data – even in complete darkness.

The new camera is a high-resolution unit that can quickly capture the details of moving objects—even those with smooth and reflective surfaces—and is not easily affected by ambient lighting conditions, making it ideal for robotics, surveillance systems, or consumer products.

“Innovations in 3D imaging, combined with broader advances like 5G, artificial intelligence and ultra-fast processors, are transforming the application landscape for designers and engineers,” said David Chen, Co-Founder and Director of Engineering at Orbbec.

“Our new camera with time-of-flight (TOF) technology is a great example. Its high resolution and tracking capabilities make it perfect for all kinds of products including fall detection, security, even at-home yoga and exercise products.”

In addition to the TOF sensor, which has a depth of field from .2 to 5 meters range, Orbbec has also announced an “industrial-level” 3D camera. The new camera will support ultra-high depth resolution and real-time 3D construction. Developed in partnership with Purdue University, the camera will be available in 2021 as a white-label OEM product for laboratory and factory applications.

“Our new products for 2021 showcase our ability to design for more scenarios, more platforms, and a broader range of environmental conditions,” said Chen.

“We’ve expanded our lighting options beyond traditional structured light, along with much higher depth resolution. These additions will be immensely helpful to designers and developers in a wide range of industries.”

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