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June 17, 2009

Optech's First Innovative Lidar Solutions Conference Next Week

Next week, June 24-26 in Toronto, Optech will set out to “provide a greater understanding of how LIDAR tools and systems can be optimized to take advantage of their full potential,” as the Web site for its Innovative Lidar Solutions Conference states.

Brent Gelhar, vice president, Sales & Product Strategy, emphasizes that the conference is much more than a user conference. There are some aspects of education for current users to be sure, but this event extends to prospective users seeking to expand their vision of applying Lidar tools. The conference will include a broad knowledge, application and product roster for those interested and involved in terrestrial laser scanning, mobile scanning, underground mines, bathymetric depth measurements, airborne-based applications, space and even the surface of Mars.

Optech’s conference will welcome more than 120 attendees and is sponsored by Applanix, Terrasolid, itres, IXSEA, DIMAC, InnovMetric and Dynamic Aviation. Keynote speakers include our own Tom Greaves and Optech’s founder Dr. Alan Carswell, who has received numerous awards for his achievements in R&D, innovation, photonics and space science.

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