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October 17, 2016

Optech Doubles its Mobile LiDAR Speed with new Lynx


Teledyne Optech has announced a number of new products in the last few weeks, including a new line of terrestrial scanners, a mobile scanner small enough to fit on a backpack, and a new addition to the Lynx line of mobile scanners.

The HS-600 model mobile scanner captures 600 lines per second, per sensor. This makes the sensor twice as fast as the Lynx SG series. It comes in both a single sensor version and a double sensor version, which scans at 1200 lines per second.

Wouldn’t a faster laser measurement rate make for a faster scanner? Product Manager Ana Kersting explains that this isn’t the true bottleneck for collection at high speeds. “Focusing on high laser measurement rates,” she says, “will not add data where it is currently lacking. Instead, maintaining a uniform point distribution on the target depends mainly on the scanner speed.”

By increasing the number of lines per sensor, Optech says it was able to make its new scanner much faster, and a better solution for collecting dense and uniform data at highway speeds.

The Lynx HS-600 model also includes Point Grey Ladybug5 cameras, as well as integration with Optech’s data processing solution.

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