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June 28, 2005

Optech combines Laser Imaging, Industrial Products under Brent Gelhar

Optech combined its Laser Imaging and Industrial Products divisions into a new Industrial & 3D Imaging Division headed by Brent Gelhar, previously director of Laser Imaging. The new group will handle both the ILRIS-36D terrestrial laser scanner from the former Laser Imaging unit, and the laser-based Cavity Monitoring System (CMS), industrial process level monitors and other offerings of the former Industrial Products unit. According to Optech president Don Carswell, ILRIS and CMS had many customers in common over the past year. Combining the two businesses will make more effective use of their sales and customer support resources, and bring a more cohesive strategic focus across products, according to Gelhar. This move continues a trend marked by FARO’s acquisition of iQvolution in March, and something we saw firsthand at SPAR 2005 – industrial customers are increasingly interested in terrestrial 3D laser scanning, and vice versa.

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