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November 18, 2009

Optech Announces New Pegasus ALTM Technology Platform

Optech Announces New Pegasus - Image 1

Optech Incorporated announced the Pegasus, a new member of the Airborne Laser Terrain Mapper (ALTM) product family. Designed as a technology platform that fully exploits application niches, Pegasus is claimed to incorporate “a unique platform architecture and unprecedented data collection capability.” Features include: the highest quality data sets available to the end user; the highest sampling rate in the industry; a multiple look-angle approach to data collection; an impressive operational envelope; and fully embedded digital camera solutions ranging from 5 to 60 Megapixels. Optech will have an ALTM Pegasus HD400 active imaging system in its aircraft at the ASPRS/MAPPS Fall Conference in San Antonio, Texas.

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