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March 5, 2012

Optech announces new CS-10000 aerial digital camera

TORONTO — Optech announced last week its new CS-10000 camera. “With its unique and patented features, the CS-10000 embodies the latest advances in photogrammetric technology,” the company said in a press release. “Seamless integration with Optech’s airborne lidar sensors creates the most efficient and flexible aerial survey platform available today.”

New features include a field-replaceable shutter and interchangeable lenses to allow greater operational efficiency. Its 80-MP format is designed to provide “exceptional image radiometry and accuracy to deliver extraordinary image quality,” which should provide superior data quality, easier upgrades, and less downtime to help users maximize their profitability.

“The CS-10000 is the product of 20 years of photogrammetric knowledge and engineering merged with Optech’s market-leading expertise in airborne lidar systems,” said Julien Losseau, product manager for Optech cameras, in a statement. “The CS-10000 is not only a solution that fits the exacting requirements of lidar users and photogrammetrists, it’s also a new platform that harmonizes all Optech cameras in an efficient and complete solution. That means users will get the best results today and tomorrow.”


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