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September 27, 2011

Optech announces new ALTM models: Orion M/C 300

NUREMBERG, Germany — Optech Incorporated announce this week, while at INTERGEO, the latest addition to its  line of airborne laser terrain mappers, the ALTM Orion M/C 300. 

Available in two models, the Orion M300 and C300 are designed for mid-altitude engineering and low-altitude corridor applications respectively. Both models are now equipped with multipulse technology and an effective ground sampling rate of 300 kHz at all scan fields of view (FOV), increasing collection efficiency and point density. Incorporating narrow pulse-width lasers and advanced timing electronics, Orion M/C300 is designed to provide clients with outstanding data quality by delivering high precision and accuracy to all target surfaces while maintaining enhanced small target detectability.

Additional enhancements include an expanded operating envelope via an all-new variable laser power option (M300); new user-selectable scan patterns for increased point-pattern flexibility; higher scan frequencies for improved point distribution; next-generation POS technology with a 220-channel GPS receiver; compatibility with Optech’s new 12-bit IWD-2 Intelligent Waveform Digitizer; and compatibility with an all-new multi-station sensor platform enabling scalable tightly-integrated peripheral sensor options from Optech’s diverse camera product line. 

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