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September 2, 2009

Optech and Network Mapping Collaborate to Improve Vegetation Management Practices

Optech and Network Mapping Collaborate - Image 1

Network Mapping, a provider of corridor mapping and engineering solutions, will soon be mapping heavily forested areas in New York with its newly attained ALTM Orion C200 manufactured by Optech. The purpose of the mission will be for effective vegetation management, an application receiving increasing pressure and urgency by power transmission companies via regulatory agencies. 

Network Mapping’s first project using the Orion C200 will be for the international electricity and gas company, National Grid, one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world. National Grid spends millions of dollars every year to safeguard their lines against vegetation encroachment, keeping in mind public safety and environmental concerns. Mr. Brian Addison, engineering manager for National Grid said, “Apart from the obvious technical benefits, the compact and low-weight design of the ALTM Orion also saves money by reducing fuel consumption, and therefore, produces lower emissions—something we need to be cognizant of given economic realities and heightened environmental awareness.”

Kevin Jacobs, CEO of Network Mapping, said in a news release that he sees “the Orion’s high repetition rate, low weight and efficient post-processing capability as a significant benefit to our utility clients.”

Michael Sitar, airborne survey products manager at Optech, stated that “The Orion C200 is fast becoming one of our most popular products.”

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