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February 12, 2020

OnScale offers pay-as-you-simulate 3D modeling


The age of cloud computing is here, and OnScale Cloud Engineering Simulation Platform is no stranger to that. The company’s newest Pay-as-you-Simulate SaaS model makes scalable enterprise-grade simulation capabilities available to every engineer, on-demand.

With increasingly large data sets and resource-intensive algorithmic processing, researchers, scientists, engineers, and creative professionals’ needs, and demands are usually held back by limited, on-premises hardware capacity and license availability. In the end, this can result in wasted R&D time, or increased R&D risks affecting a company’s Return on Investment (ROI).

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) High-Performance Computing (HPC) solutions with Intel Xeon processor and Google Cloud, OnScale’s on-demand, scalable Cloud Engineering Simulation Platform provides engineers with limitless compute power to build and simulate Digital Prototypes. While legacy simulation software usually follows a serial process that can take days, weeks, or even months, OnScale’s platform reduces it to minutes by running thousands of full 3D Multiphysics simulations in parallel through shared-memory, distributed cloud computing, and parametric simulation sweeps in the cloud.

Due to OnScale’s parallelized simulation capabilities, SilTerra, a Malaysia-based global semiconductor foundry specialized in the integration of piezoelectric MEMS devices with CMOS, reduced a project’s turnaround time from 7 months to 2-3 days. This represents a cut in cost, cycle time, and engineering development by 60%.

“Cloud Engineering Simulation (CES) is a gamechanger,” says OnScale CEO Ian Campbell. “We’re seeing more and more Fortune 100 companies adopting CES to push the boundaries, stay competitive, get products out to market faster, lower risks and reduce costs. In fastmoving markets like 5G RF, engineers are realizing massive benefits from Digital Prototypes – in many cases, seeing a 90% reduction in overall cost, risk, and time-to-market compared with physical prototyping processes.”

OnScale believes engineering simulation software can’t be sold the same way as in the desktop simulation era – “we need a new business model,” claims Campbell. Unlike legacy simulation software, OnScale’s platform doesn’t deal with software licenses, further reducing cost barriers and software availability limitations.

Available through a monthly or annual subscription, OnScale’s pricing model offers engineers a fixed number of Core-Hours, where 1 Core-Hour corresponds to a single CPU running for 1 hour. The number of Core-Hours available depends on the chosen plan: Free, Team, or Enterprise. In addition, OnScale allows users to go over the Core-Hour limit by opting-in to the company’s newest Pay-as-you-Simulate model.

“The Pay-as-you-Simulate SaaS model mostly relates to our Free Account option,” OnScale Customer Success Representative Gina Palomar told SPAR 3D. “With the Free account, you get 10 Core Hours per month and have the option to put a credit card into your account to pay $8 per Core Hour on demand (overage). Our Team and Enterprise options allow you to buy a bundle of Core Hours up-front with a cheaper price per core hour on-demand for overage.”

Also, OnScale provides an estimate of how many Core-Hours a simulation uses a priori, allowing engineers to “tradeoff the compute cost vs. the accuracy vs. the time that it takes to run the simulation”, Campbell commented.

OnScale wants to redefine the way engineers perform hardware simulations in the Semiconductor and MEMS, 5G mobile, next-gen biomedical, and autonomous vehicle markets. Moreover, the company believes its software distribution mechanism to support the compute-intensive engineering simulation applications can change the way engineers develop Digital Twins, Simulated-Augmented AI/ML, Embedded IoT, and Simulation at the Edge.

Recently, OnScale joined the non-profit Revolution in Simulation initiative as a sponsor to collaborate and form alliances with leading CAE experts, organizations, and providers.

“Today, we stand at the frontier of another great revolution in engineering – the dawn of the Cloud Engineering Simulation era,” Campbell added. “At OnScale, we are incredibly excited and energized to be a part of this revolution, and we cannot wait to see what the future holds when every engineer around the world has access to cloud supercomputers powering simulation and Digital Prototyping & Verification.”

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