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February 11, 2019

nFrames: the two primary challenges of cutting-edge photogrammetry


For a technology that dates back well over a hundred years, photogrammetry is as vibrant as ever in 2019, and that means it’s facing a whole raft of new challenges. For one, users expect their photogrammetric software solutions to handle increasingly huge amounts of data coming from higher and higher and resolution sensors. Users also expect their tools to combine data from different sensors to offer a holistic data set capable of answering a wide range of questions.

These are the exact features that nFrames’ SURE photogrammetry software is designed to offer its users—helping to bring the age-old technology up to speed. I caught up with CEO and co-founder Conrad Wenzel at ILMF to discuss how his company’s solution handles the huge influx of data from larger and larger sensors, and how they’re combining photography and lidar data sets to create meshes better than you’ve seen before.

Watch below.

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