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September 28, 2020

Stand-alone beta version of Unity Reflect released


On a blog on the Unity website, the company has announced that they have launched a beta version of their popular AEC-focused ‘Reflect’ application that can act as a stand-alone program. Unity Reflect’s new stand-alone product is focused on bridging the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders by making it easy for them to get on the same page.

The new improvements and features deliver on Unity’s goal to bring both a valuable stand-alone application and a versatile tool for developers in the architecture, engineering, and construction industry.

According to the post, the navigation has been updated to include smoother motion, quicker response time, and variable “flying” speeds that allows for quicker navigation through larger-scale models. Unity reports that the models in the beta application open 50% faster and start streaming in up to 95% faster than previous versions.

Many of these additional features have been suggested by their user community, and future ideas under consideration are shared under Unity’s AEC Public Roadmap. 

“Unity Reflect users are always pushing for larger and more detailed models that go beyond device capabilities. The new Unity Reflect Viewer includes a method for streaming models progressively based on object priority, which is determined by a series of factors such as camera position, visibility, occlusion, distance, size, and more. Objects are initially represented as transparent boxes and are replaced as they are downloaded.”

Users interested in beta testing the new application can learn more at Unity’s Beta Testing site.


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