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September 18, 2013

Need GIS apps? There's a marketplace for that.



Esri debuts new online store for geospatial apps, data

Esri, the global supplier of GIS software, Tuesday launched ArcGIS Marketplace for ArcGIS Online subscribers to search and download geospatial apps and data.

Based in Redlands, Calif., Esri said the new portal provides apps and data from DigitalGlobe, RapidEye, and AccuWeather. Apps created by Esri and its partners including Latitude Geographics, Azteca Systems, and con terra, built specifically to work with Esri’s flagship platform, ArcGIS Online, are also available.

All apps in ArcGIS Marketplace require an ArcGIS Online login, and users can access their organization’s maps via the apps. Data services acquired via ArcGIS Marketplace are also fully integrated with ArcGIS Online, so they can be added to basemap galleries or other apps.

For apps and data service providers, ArcGIS Marketplace can generate leads, provide free trials, grant access to listings, and manage subscriptions. For those interested in making their app or data available to the ArcGIS community, check out rules to qualify as an ArcGIS Marketplace Provider.

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