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May 28, 2013

Mobile mapper adds vehicle-based photogrammetry system


Optech responds to market need for spherical imagery in pursuit of large mapping contracts

Optech Inc., a leading manufacturer of advanced lidar and camera survey instruments, said Monday its Lynx Mobile Mapper, which provides rapid 3D data mapping of highways, infrastructure, and buildings, now comes with a spherical imaging camera for vehicle-based photogrammetry.

Ontario-based Optech serves customers in the energy, natural resources, infrastructure and government mapping, security and defense industries by providing 3D imaging applications from both standalone and fully integrated lidar and camera systems in airborne mapping, airborne lidar bathymetry, mobile mapping, terrestrial laser scanning, mine cavity monitoring, and industrial process control, as well as space-proven sensors for orbital operations and planetary exploration.

Tech giant Teledyne Technologies Inc. acquired a majority stake in Optech in April 2012 for about $28 million. Optech had sales of almost $55 million for its FY2012.

Optech said it added the Ladybug spherical imaging camera from Point Grey Research, Inc., to help customers maximize return on investment by “improving the efficiency of ground-based data collection by a complete order of magnitude.”

The Lynx generates high-accuracy urban environment image data for engineering-grade applications from vehicles moving at highway speeds using lidar sensors with multiple perspective lidar imaging.

“Our clients have been asking for this,” said Albert Iavarone, business unit manager at Optech. “The Ladybug gives our customers the versatility to pursue large mapping contracts that call for spherical imagery in addition to the design engineering work that is most typically associated with Lynx.”

The Ladybug is completely integrated within the Lynx system, offering full control and calibration with Lynx Survey software, local recording of image data, seamless integration into Lynx processing workflow, and full operational and processing support.

The Ladybug will be available for all new Lynx systems, and will also be an optional upgrade for current users of the industry-leading Lynx M1 systems.

Lynx systems incorporating the Ladybug are expected to be available for delivery in conjunction with Optech’s Third Imaging and Lidar Solutions Conference (ILSC) in Toronto June 25-27. For more information or to register, click here.

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