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January 30, 2007

Meridian Adds Z+F LFM Server Deliverables

Meridian Adds Z+F LFM Server Deliverables - Image 1

Meridian Associates, Inc., Beverly, MA, added Z+F’s LFM Server database format to the laser scanning project deliverables it offers. LFM Server’s efficiency in managing large point-cloud databases makes it well suited for plant design users who need to integrate very large laser scan datasets with engineering design work, and owner/operators using laser scanning to create and maintain facility as-built documentation. With this, Meridian now offers laser scan deliverables in Trimble LASERGen model (BSF), Leica Cyclone database (IMP) and Z+F LFM Server database (LFD) formats. Meridian is a multidisciplinary engineering, surveying and laser scanning firm offering professional services to corporate, commercial, industrial, institutional and public sector clients. It provides 3D laser scanning services for plant and building design, renovation and restoration. The firm is headquartered in Beverly, MA with regional offices in Westborough, MA and Cherry Hill, NJ.

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