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February 1, 2012

MDL beefs up American operations

Brings on scanning vet Reinke as COO

HOUSTON – Laser scanning hardware manufacturer Measurement Devices Ltd, which maintains a base of operations here, has hired laser scanning veteran Travis Reinke as chief operating officer of its U.S. operations (Measurement Devices U.S.), responsible for North and South America, minus Canada, and is looking to expand its presence in the Americas. Currently, the company, partly owned by global metrology firm Renishaw PLC, makes a number of ruggedized laser measurement devices, positioning products, and the Dynascan mobile scanning system.

Reinke, who previously created and managed the National Laser Scanning Division at AEC firm PBS&J (now Atkins) before moving to Smart Geometrics, said in an interview with SPAR that his first order of business is to do a better job of telling the story of MDL’s technology in the American marketplace. “I’ve used MDL products in the past – I’ve been surveying for most of my life – and I was aware of the handheld devices and the Dynascan, but here in the States especially there’s not much brand awareness. I didn’t realize until I went to York [England] to visit the home office, and then meeting my team in Houston, how many talented people the company has … I was blown away. I’m honored to be part of a group with this many talented and resourceful people.”

The North and South American market accounts for about 25 percent of sales currently and Reinke thinks there’s plenty of opportunity to increase that, particularly with the Dynascan, which he called an “affordable mobile mapping solution,” and the products they plan to launch at SPAR International, along with others later this year.

“I think everyone is interested in mobile scanning, but the price point is so high that it makes it difficult for companies to dive in,” he said, “especially with where the economy is. The Dynascan is affordable. It’s not the same accuracy as the half-million-dollar systems, but for volumetrics, corridor mapping, and topographic surveys, it’s a very affordable and reliable option.”

He noted that even for some customers who already have a more robust system, the Dynascan’s portability and durability make it an interesting add-on option, something that can be strapped on a four-wheeler or the back of a boat or just about any vehicle, even be taken into a mining or other harsh environment, where MDL has a great deal of experience.

Going forward, Reinke said to watch for what MDL can accomplish with its existing scanning modules, dynamic positioning systems, and the integration of its current technology with what Renishaw can bring to the table. “The possibilities are just limitless for the laser systems and what they can be used for,” he said. “We just need to do a better job of getting the word out, which is something that I hope to help with.”

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