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October 5, 2009

McKim & Creed Adds Mobile Scanning to Offering

McKim Creed Adds Mobile Scanning - Image 1

McKim & Creed launched a mobile data collection system dubbed MoDaC that features the Optech LYNX mobile scanner, making it one of the first firms on the East Coast to offer mobile scanning services. The company has offices in West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida. In a press statement, Marty Stoughton, PLS, McKim & Creed’s director of business development for mobile scanning, said, “MoDaC allows us to offer a unique service to our clients that is safer, faster and more cost effective than many traditional surveying methods,” adding that the firm continues to see new applications for it each and every day.The company echos the familiar benefits sung of mobile scanning: significant cost savings over traditional helicopter photogrammetry, faster data collection, data collected while traveling at posted speeds, fewer personnel to work beside busy roadways, avoidance of impeding traffic flow since the data is collected from a moving vehicle and dense data that lends itself to future data extraction without additional field visits. The company’s investigation into mobile scanning included a comparison between mobile scanning and static scanning on a three-mile test site. The study took two crews one week to collect data using static scanning and less than half a day with mobile scanning. The vehicle will be branded and mounted this week.

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