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March 14, 2012

McKim & Creed acquires Survcon

Brings on Texas offices, aerial and terrestrial scanning capabilities

RALEIGH, N.C.—McKim & Creed, Inc., an engineering, geomatics, and planning firm with offices throughout the South, announced this week it has acquired the 31-person survey firm Survcon, headquartered in Houston with offices in Austin, Georgetown, San Antonio, and Fort Worth, Texas.

The Texas group will now operate under the name Surccon, a Division of McKim & Creed, according to the press release. Survcon was founded in 1974 and the group provides surveying and aerial mapping services, including mobile and airborne lidar.

The acquisition brings McKim & Creed to nearly 350 employees and 50 survey crews in 18 locations throughout North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Texas.

“This acquisition leverages Survcon’s solid experience and longstanding client relationships with the innovative Geomatics technologies McKim & Creed offers,” said Herbert P. McKim, Jr., PE, PLS, McKim & Creed president and chief operating officer, in a statement. “Expanding into Texas is part of McKim & Creed’s long-term strategic plan, and combining our extensive experience in the natural gas, energy and power industries with SURVCON’s niche services and established presence is a natural fit and an excellent entryy into the state.”

Survon regional manager Jay Canine, RPLS, will oversee Geomatics operations in Texas. Julie McDonald, PE, PLS, a senior Geomatics project manager with McKim & Creed’s Charlotte, North Carolina, office, will transfer to Houston to assist with integration and business development.

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