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January 29, 2024

Matterport Introduces High Density Scanning Precision For Its Flagship Pro3 Camera

Software-enabled high density scanning feature now in beta for all Pro3 customers to significantly increase the fidelity of 3D capture and streamline as-built modeling workflows.
Image via Matterport

Matterport, Inc. (Nasdaq: MTTR), announced new high density scanning capabilities for Matterport’s revolutionary 3D camera, Pro3. Available now in beta, high density scanning makes as-built modeling with Matterport even easier, helping streamline workflows, minimize errors, and accelerate project timelines. This continues to widen Matterport’s lead as the best price for performance solution for outstanding imagery and high fidelity digital twin reconstruction.

“As-built” models visualize the existing conditions or current state of a building, documenting key components like ducts and pipes. As-builts, most often rendered in the form of a point cloud file, are foundational to creating Building Information Models (BIM) used in Facilities Management and Design and Construction.

With high density scanning, the Matterport Pro3 can now capture more than 5 million filtered, real depth points per scan, a sixfold increase from a standard density scan with Pro3. This software-based innovation enables incredibly precise rendering of intricate details and thin features commonly found in construction sites, commercial buildings, and other complex structures, removing a common barrier for as-built modeling at a significantly more accessible price point.

Once a space is scanned, customers can access the higher density data in the form of an E57 file, which can be imported to Autodesk Revit and other design and construction software.

Once signed up for the beta, Pro3 users will have three density options to choose from when conducting a scan, providing flexibility for whatever a job requires:

  • Standard Density: Captures 800,000 real depth points per scan in 20 seconds or less.
  • Medium Density: Captures 1.5 million real depth points per scan in 45 seconds or less.
  • High Density: Captures 5 million real depth points per scan in 2 minutes.

Existing Pro3 customers can begin using high-density scanning by joining the beta today. Learn more about which jobs are right for high density scanning on the support page.

Source: Matterport

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