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June 5, 2017

Matterport Pro2 3D: An All-in-One Device for HD Reality Capture

Matterport's Pro2 device.

Matterport is part of a growing 3D technology market segment that emphasizes the quality of visualization over survey-grade accuracy. The company’s latest release pushes that idea even further.

The $3,995 Pro2 3D pairs a 134 megapixel camera with structured light sensors, making it something of a visual capture powerhouse. (For those of you keeping track, that’s roughly 4 times the number of megapixels gathered by the sensors predecessor, the Pro 3D.) From a single 30-second sweep, the scanner captures enough data to generate print-ready 4K photography, 360° imagery, 3D data, and VR walkthroughs, and floorplans.

The scanner captures 3D data to a range of 15 feet, and Matterport specifies the structured light sensors at an accuracy of 99% within range, and with a density of 4 million points per panoramic capture. It also includes a built-in GPS that automatically tags scan locations—a function which should appeal to users in AEC and real estate alike.

The remaining features will be familiar to users of Matterport’s previous scanner. Processing, for instance, is handled by Matterport’s cloud service, which automatically generates any output type and hosts files for easy viewing and sharing.

Matterport says the Pro2 3D will begin shipping on June 15th.

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