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August 24, 2017

Matterport lands $5 million to develop AI that understands spatial data

Matterport's Pro2 device.

Matterport has received yet more funding, this time a $5 million investment from Ericsson Ventures. The company says it will use the money to fund research into “deep learning to create the next generation of AI-based computer vision technologies for the digital reconstruction and detailed understanding of spaces.”

As the technology for capturing 3D data has matured and costs have fallen off steeply, the amount of data captured has grown exponentially. However, the technology for processing that data into actionable information– or even indexing it for searches–has lagged behind. Deep learning and AI technologies offer a strong possibility for bringing 3D data processing up to speed.

According to Matterport CEO Bill Brown, “Ericsson Ventures saw the tremendous opportunity Matterport has to extend our technology lead by using our massive library of 3D models as a deep learning training dataset to create AI that will be the basis for our next generation products. This strategic investment will help us to more quickly develop the technology to its full potential and achieve our mission of making 3D models the primary medium for digitally experiencing, understanding, sharing, and reimagining the world.”

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