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May 27, 2020

Matterport announces BIM 360 integration with deep linking

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On the heels of their announcement of the new Matterport Capture app that we profiled last week, Matterport has also announced an integration for Autodesk BIM 360 to facilitate collaboration on construction projects. Unlike the announcement last week, which put the reality capture process into the hands of anyone, this announcement focuses on the professional level contractor utilizing BIM 360 for their projects.

Teams that use BIM 360 for construction project organization and optimization will now be able to access and walk through Matterport scans and digital twins while accessing the information stored in their BIM 360 Project Home dashboards. Matterport can create “deep links” directly to specific locations within a scan, speeding up decision making by allowing annotations to point directly where the question or problem may reside.

The new Matterport / BIM 360 integration allows users to:
  • View Matterport 3D models on a BIM 360 project page by simply adding a URL generated by Showcase.
  • Access and walk through a digital twin of a job site at any time
  • Confirm design changes, take measurements within the digital twin, eliminating need for onsite visit
  • Add a Matterport digital twin to requests for information to demonstrate the reason for request

“By simply adding the Matterport Partner Card into their BIM 360 Project Home, construction teams can activate the Matterport integration to streamline documentation across workflows and collaboration between stakeholders,” said Tomer Poran, Director of Business Development, Matterport.

“Our BIM 360 integration is just the beginning of our work with Autodesk’s leading construction portfolio, Autodesk Construction Cloud.”

Autodesk Construction Cloud is a suite of software and services that brings together Assemble, BuildingConnected, PlanGrid and BIM 360. And with Autodesk’s established design authoring tools, it connects headquarters, office and field teams to increase collaboration and productivity.

“No matter where construction team members are physically, they need to be able to collaborate with one another in order to keep work moving along schedule,” said James Cook, head of integrations, Autodesk Construction Solutions.

“Embedding Matterport’s 3D walk-throughs into the BIM 360 Project Home dashboard provides construction team members spatial context alongside essential project data so they can seamlessly collaborate and make decisions from any location, saving time and money to keep projects on track.”

For over a century, H.H. Angus & Associates Limited Consulting Engineers has been at the forefront of design technology, standards and practices. An Autodesk and Matterport customer, the company leverages the BIM 360 integration to accelerate decision making and drive efficiencies throughout the design and building phases.

“The Matterport platform is an integral part of our workflow at HH Angus, and Autodesk BIM 360 is quickly becoming table stakes with many of our partners in AEC,” said Akira Jones, P. Eng., LEED AP Principal and BIM Leader at HH Angus. “The ability to integrate the two platforms will take our information sharing with all our project stakeholders to the next level.”

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