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January 30, 2013

Maptek debuts new web-based training


LAKEWOOD, Colo. – While in a perfect world every software package would be completely intuitive right out of the box, just about any robust software solution is going to require some training. The same can be said for Maptek’s I-Site Studio, which they’ve released for point cloud processing into deliverables geared toward the mining industry, among other verticals.

But it’s expensive for clients to travel to the North American headquarters here, and Maptek’s trainers can only be in so many places as once.

Hence the introduction of Go-To-Assist, an online training solution just released to the North American marketplace, which is essentially an online meeting platform geared specifically for training folks on Maptek software that allows for one-on-one, or one-to-many instruction without anyone having to hop on a plane.

“We offer training courses here at our big training facility in Denver, and globally in other locations,” said Lexie Runge, communications specialist at Maptek, “but that’s not always convenient for the client. This way they can call ahead and request a customized course and we can put that together and then deliver a half-day or full-day of training via Go-To-Assist.”

The trainer can look at the client’s data, watch the user work with it, and identify where the troubles are occurring and how to fix them.

“Our services team are really our product,” Runge said. “We design our products to be easy to use, but the biggest part of that is that we’re always available for consulting and training and we customize for whatever the client needs. If we get enough requests in the same area, we might end up offering a training course on that for a group of people, and we of course offer regional training courses and still do on-site training for clients.”

The service was first available for the company’s Vulcan mine-modeling and –planning software, and the i-Site training first became available last month.


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