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November 2, 2012

Mantis to launch new short-range imager at SPAR Europe

F5-SR billed as ‘widest 3D scan range available today’

THE HAGUE – Mantis Vision, a maker of handheld 3D data capture devices, announced this week it will release its new F5 Short-Range 3D imager at SPAR Europe, to be held here Nov. 12-14 at the World Forum. The device is billed as “featuring the widest depth of field and working range available for small object, close-range capture today.” The device has been designed for maximum mobility and versatility, the company said, and the handheld 3D scanner is meant to bring together compact, ergonomic design with speed and ease-of-use to reach and capture “small, intricately detailed objects, in the field and on the move.”

Potential applications include “digitizing the human form, capturing small, hard to reach manufacturing components, or documenting cluttered crime scene details out in the field,” the company said.

According to Mantis Vision, “The F5 Series of handheld 3D imagers are the only 3D scanning solutions specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of field use,” emphasizing fast speed-of-scan, a standalone solution that doesn’t require more than one user, the ability to work in complete darkness if necessary, and accurate scanning that doesn’t require either targets, cables, or an attached laptop. The company emphasized that the product is also ruggedized and requires little training for use.

Mantis Vision is celebrating the expansion of the F5 series with a new, highly competitive pricing program, the company announced, and a special offer for the purchase of the complete F5 series at “an attractive bundle price.”

“Recent advancements in our production technologies have enabled us to significantly reduce pricing for the F5 series, without compromising on the quality or field-readiness that our customers have come to expect,” said Shabtay Negry, VP of business development for Mantis Vision, in a statement. “We are confident that the launch of the F5-SR, together with the new pricing, will significantly expand the scanning capabilities of our customers.”

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