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October 24, 2012

Localized versions of Vectorworks 2013 now available

COLUMBIA, Md. – Nemetschek Vectorworks, a CAD and Building Information Modeling (BIM) software maker, announced this week that several of its European distributors are releasing localized versions of the 2013 version of its Vectorworks line of design software, including: Vectorworks Designer, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, Fundamentals and Renderworks. Versions in each country’s native language will be available in Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

“As Vectorworks software evolves, it continues to offer improvements that benefit designers and streamline their workflows,” said Carlos Lüthy, CEO of ComputerWorks GmbH in Germany, in a statement. “Our users will appreciate the way improvements in Vectorworks 2013, such as improved speed when zooming and panning, the new Auto Hybrid command and new file format support for Rhinoceros, DWF, FBX, COLLADA and gbXML, will improve their efficiency.”

The Vectorworks 2013 product line contains more than 80 improvements, according to the company, including new commands and tools. Performance in many areas of the program has also been improved. Examples of this include wall network manipulation, hidden line rendering, changes to Vectorworks Spotlight lighting devices and 2D navigation of Vectorworks scenes.

Vectorworks 2013 software was released in Italy, Austria, France, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland today; and will be released in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands on October 31.

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