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May 2, 2006

Let There Be Light: I-SiTE's New Underground System

Let There Be Light: I-SiTE's New Underground System - Image 1

I-SiTE announces it has developed an underground light for use with its 4400 scanner. The company’s 4400 scanner comes integrated with a 37-megapixel camera – the new light will allow capture of digital photograph data in dark environments found in mining, tunneling and other underground environments. The laser scanner of course has its own light source and does not require external lighting for operation. The 150-watt light source is focused in a beam allowing 15 pixels of rgb (digital photograph) data to each scan point at ranges up to 30 feet. The light is powered by a separate 12v battery. I-SiTE says the light will be particularly valuable for imaging underground conditions prior to stabilization with shotcrete. The underground light lists for $2000.

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