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April 17, 2017

Leica's Big-Picture Vision for the Future of 3D Capture

Leica's BLK360, Image Courtesy of Leica

Many know Leica Geosystems (and parent company Hexagon) primarily for their advanced, survey-grade 3D capture solutions. However, Leica’s latest offerings demonstrate a vision much wider and deeper. Refer to the BLK 360, the SPL-100, and the Pegasus:Backpack and you’ll see a company equally focused on expanding the technological boundaries of the market and making 3D capture more accessible to everyone.

To discuss how Leica has maintained its position as one of the primary players in this fast-changing market, I caught up with Hexagon CTO Burkhard Boeckem at SPAR 3D.

He explained his two-stream strategy: On one hand, they develop “exclusive” technologies that push the boundaries of 3D capture. On the other, they develop “inclusive” technologies that miniaturize those advancements, and make them easier for everyone to use.

For more, see our talk below.

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