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April 12, 2016

Leica Opens Field Trials for Cyclone Cloud

Cyclone Cloud

Beginning April 12th, 2016, Leica Geosystems will begin accepting customers for participation in a “limited field trial” of Leica Cyclone Cloud. The company explains that this new software “uses state-of-the-art cloud-delivery technology to virtualize and deliver Leica Cyclone on a user’s machine for the ultimate project flexibility.”

The cloud version of Cyclone will include all the same features and capabilities familiar to users of the desktop version, but with a number of added benefits.

By exploiting the cloud-processing method, Leica is able to update Cyclone Cloud automatically updated for all subscribers. Users do not need to update the software on their own system to be using the latest version at all times.

Another benefit of the cloud services model is greatly increased access possibilities. Now any user with an internet-enabled PC can use the full-featured application.

Leica explains that the cloud delivery method will even enable users to install and run the software in less than one-fifth the time of the standard desktop installation process. Lastly, the data delivered from the cloud servers can be saved on the user’s machine for offline access.

A unique aspect of the software is Leica’s approach to data security—a concern for any customer who wants to use cloud services, but worries about sending their sensitive data away to servers for processing. Cyclone Cloud, unlike a majority of cloud services, uses the cloud  for running the software itself “while keeping customer data local and offline at all times.”

Participants in the program will have access to the REGISTER, SURVEY, MODEL, PUBLISHER, and IMPORTER cyclone modules with a “pay as you go” model. The field trial begins April 18. Registration is now open.

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