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May 17, 2005

Leica Geosystems Debuts CloudWorx 1.0 for Intergraph SmartPlant Review

Leica Geosystems HDS announced today that it is shipping CloudWorx 1.0 for Intergraph SmartPlant Review. Under the hood is Leica’s Cyclone 5.2 point cloud engine which works with the company’s time-of-flight and phase-based scanners. On the Intergraph side, the Point Cloud Integrator module for SmartPlant Review is required. The value of laser scanning for revamp and modification work is huge when clash detection and viewing of both point cloud data and CAD geometry is practical in review environments – this kind of functionality points the way to getting operations and maintenance value for asset owners too. We look forward to our first demonstration next week at SPAR 2005, May 23-24 in Houston. geovisit();

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