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March 30, 2012

Laserscanning America Achieves Success!

After the company’s introduction at the beginning of 2012, Laserscanning America (the American subdivision of Laserscanning Europe) began establishing itself in North America. The company, located near Pittsburgh, PA, is a full service system house for all 3D laser scanning and imaging needs. Laserscanning America provides a large portfolio including laser scanning hardware, software, accessories, modeling services and professional training. The company is also a distributor of PointCab software and training services.

An important division represents the PointCloud2CAD service. Laserscanning America converts the laser scanning results (point clouds) into CAD data for clients utilizing CAD systems capable of producing 2D and 3D models as well as isometric drawings.  Over the past few months, Laserscanning America has advanced its business activity greatly. The system house has established a laser scanning shop in the United States. Now American clients can order equipment and services directly in the U.S. Laserscanning Europe is a partner of FARO Europe and has substantial clientele in Europe. The clientele includes ThyssenKrupp, Lindner Group KG, Digital Surveys and Laser Scanning Architecture.  Laserscanning America is the next division of Laserscanning Europe seeking to saturate the North American market and generate new business. Anthony Acierno, President of Laserscanning America, proudly announced that the company received its first clients and partners in the United States. Laserscanning America will focus on strengthening its position in the US laser scanning market.

Anthony Acierno, President
Laser Scanning America
[email protected]


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